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Why You'll Love Colour Collection's Vitamin E Creamy Lipsticks

Posted by Almira Blancada on


If you’re looking for a non-drying creamy lipstick that makes your lips healthy and kissable, the Colour Collection Vitamin E Creamy Lipsticks has you covered with its incredible moisturizing features! It is infused with Vitamin E that prevents your lips from chapping, and it soften your lips and smoothen lines.

As a fresh graduate, a superb nude lipstick has been my everyday wear because it completes the entire no makeup look, which Colour Collection Vitamin E Creamy Lipstick in the shade PINK CHAMPAGNE provides if I’m just going to school, or to the mall to buy groceries. One of the things I love about it is the packaging; which is a shiny and sleek black tube that opens easily, but surely won’t come off while it’s inside my bag. I can absolutely bring it anywhere I go! But I do also enjoy wearing bold lipsticks that makes me look classy and intimidating in a good way, that’s why Colour Collection Vitamin E Creamy Lipstick in the shade DEEP RUBY has caught my attention.

When you’re out all day, you would want to wear a lipstick that lasts long. But at the same time not heavy on the lips, making you feel like you’re not wearing one. The shade, Deep Ruby, is vibrant and pigmented, which what I mostly look for in a lipstick. It glides on smoothly, which makes it easy-to-wear when you’re late for school, work, or an appointment. It’s also perfect for a girls’ night out; just pair it with a smokey eye makeup and any sexy dress, then you’re good to go! #GirlBoss

There are so many shades to choose from that’s perfect for every mood: Boysenberry, Columbine, Dahlia, Pink Champagne, Ravishing Red, Vivid Tangerine, and Santana. But for vixens out there, go order Colour Collection Vitamin E Creamy Lipstick in the shade Deep Ruby now! It doesn’t only make your lips fresh, it also makes it look luxurious.

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