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Avon ONE GREAT Mascara First Impression Review

Posted by Almira Blancada on

When other girls aspire to have more lipsticks in their makeup bag, I aspire to have more mascaras in my bag. So I've started exploring mascaras from other brands, and this is what I stumbled upon to. 

Here's Avon ONE GREAT Mascara, just by its name; you know this is something you should look out for! 

First, let's talk about the packaging. It's just a long black (kind of shiny) tube, simple yet posh-looking. The wand is easy to glide and the bristles are soft, so another plus points if you're looking for a mascara that's not hard to use. 

And now the fun (and my favorite) part, when I applied it in my eyelashes; I honestly didn't feel that I have mascara on! It's light and doesn't smudge, it totally volumized my eyelashes and I don't see any clumping. Though, I don't see myself wearing this with an evening gown; I highly recommend this to high school and college girls because this is perfect if you're going for that natural look. Plus, it's waterproof! Rain or shine, you'll have stunning eyelashes. 

The best part of this mascara is it's locally available and affordable, totally made for the filipino chicas out there! If you want to order now, just click this link:

So that's my first impression review for Avon ONE GREAT Mascara, I hope it helped with your mascara-searching :) 

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