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Tupperware Royal Edinburgh Opalware Serving Collections

  • ₱1,299.00

Tupperware Royal Edinburgh Opalware Serving Collections

The Tupperware Royal Edinburgh Opalware Collection is designed to be;
* Slim and elegant to save kitchen space.
* Lightweight, making it easy to manage for everyday table settings.
* Safe for use in the refrigerator but not in the freezer.
* Microwave- oven safe.
* Dishwasher Safe.
* Comes with a gift box.

1.) Royal Edinburgh Opalware Serving Platter
Perfect for serving whole fish, large serving of meat or rice.
Dimensions : 32.9 cm L x 24.9 cm W
Regular Price : 129911
2.) 6-pc Royal Edinburgh Opalware Dinner Plates
Elegantly designed plates that can be used for everyday dining occasions or special intimate gatherings.
Dimensions : 27.4 cm D each
Regular Price : 4999 per set
3.) 2-pc Royal Edinburgh Opalware Serving Bowls
Perfect for serving saucy dishes, soup, rice, salads or desserts.
Dimensions : 21cm D x 9.4 cm H each
Regular Price : 1499 per set

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