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Tupperware 3-PC Freezermate Set 1.5L, 1L and 650ml

  • ₱1,599.00

Tupperware 3-PC Freezermate Set

Virtually air-tight seals lock in the flavor, odor, and nutrients of stored food.
Clear polished windows make it easy to identify food contents.
Thin walls with rounded corners and recessed bottoms allows air to circulate through and around stacked containers for faster freezing.
Fill-line indicators show up to where food or liquid should be filled to allow enough room for expansion.

Color : Natural Base/ Paradise Seal

Set includes:
1pc 650 mL Rectangular Small Solo
Capacity : 650mL
Dimension: 15.2 cm L x 11.4 cm W x 7.6 cm H

1pc 1L Small Solo
Capacity : 1L
Dimensions : 15.2 cm L x 11.4 cm W x 11.4 cm H

1pc 1.5L Rectangular Medium
Capacity: 1.5L
Dimension: 22.5cm L x 15cm W x 7.65 cm H

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