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Tupperware Trellis Melamine Collection

  • ₱999.00

Tupperware Trellis Melamine Collection

Our Trellis Plate and Soup Bowl sets' cuteness lasts a lifetime! The dishes are made of Melamine, a shock-proof, shatter-proof, scratch-resistant material that can withstand extreme temperatures.
Add effortless class to any table setting with your very own set of Trellis Melamine Dinner Plates! Elegant and durable, these make a great addition to any occasion.
Food stays warm longer because it absorbs heat more slowly than earthenware.

* Trellis Melamine 2pc Medium Bowl
Capacity : 775ml
Dimensions: 20.3cm D x 6.5cm H
* Trellis Melamine 3pcs Dinner Plate
Dimension : 26cm D

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