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Tupperware Brands Twist & Stack Set

  • ₱379.00
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* Now you can take complementary snacks easily like yoghurt and muesli or veggie sticks and dip with no mess or fuss!

* The leak proof seal features a silicone gasket and screw closure to ensure the container will not open (preventing leaks and spills) when transporting.

* The base of the containers will connect to the caps with a bayonet connection allowing you to stack and connect other Twist N Snack Containers, a Twist Handle or Thermal Stacking Containers.

* Ergonomically designed for comfort, the Twist Handle features a dual locking system, this locks all components of the Twist Handle to the seal of the Twist N Snack!

1. Twist N Snack (1) 200ml D 8.7 H 7.5 cm Height with Handle 11.6cm

2. Twist N Snack (1) 350ml D 8.7 H 11.1 cm


• 1 Twist N Stack 200ml

• 1 Twist N Stack 350ml