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Tupperware Brands Domino Plates 4s

Tupperware Brands Domino Plates 4s

  • ₱1,999.00

Tupperware Domino Plates Plates are made from glass-like material that is nearly unbreakable. Perfect for serving pasta and other saucy dishes. Color: Transparent Red Dimensions: 24cm Specialty: It is made of PC that is not easily cracked or broken and leaves no stain. This material also produces a transparent red base so that it can display an elegant product impression. The shape is unique, so it matches the various forms of dining table (round, square, or elongated box) It 's safe to warm food It can also be served as a fresh fruit dish or a market snack cake. It is ideal as a dish serving a variety of stir-fried foods, fried even other stewed foods.

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