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Avon Musk Cologne Spray 75mL

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Musk Eau De Cologne Spray 75mL

1. Musk for Men

Fresh lavender notes in contrast to wood and cedar create this elegant but masculine fragrance. Touches of leather accentuate the sensual and masculine aroma of a man.

Scent: Fougère leathery

2. Musk Marine

The refreshing and energizing feeling of water is accentuated with a mix of mint, mandarin and lavender notes combined with the aroma of sandalwood to bring out your masculine and seductive side.

Scent: Fougère aromatic

3. Musk Freeze

Powerful molecules capture the rush of air cooled by icy peaks to deliver intense freshness and long-lasting cooling sensation.

Scent: Woody Aromatic

4. Musk Storm

Stay Fresh and Keep Cool

Scent: Fougere Woody

5. Musk Intense

A seductive fusion of aromatic green and citrus notes blended with enticing basil and cardamom, culminating in the sensual masculine warmth of cedarwood, patchouli, and musk.

Scent: Fougère woody


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