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Colour Collection Ultra Smooth Lipstick Kit 3 x 2.4g Flying Kiss

  • ₱249.00

Ever wonder how the movie stars achieve such smooth camera-worthy lips? Be the envy of all!  Introducing the New Colour Collection Ultra-Smooth Lipstick Kit, this 3-step box set for the lips contains (1x) Lip Scrub, (1x) Lip Moisturizer Stick, & (1x) Lipstick that gives you the smoothest, most vibrant lips.

  • A 3-step lip care that gives ultra-smooth lips by exfoliating, moisturizing and adding your signature color.  

Kit Includes:

1 pc. Lip Scrub, 2.4g

1 pc. Lip Moisturizer, 2.4g

1 pc. Lip Color, 2.4g

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