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C2ZINC Syrup Vitamin C with Zinc 120ml

  • ₱150.00

C2ZINC Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vitamin found in many common foods like citrus fruits, apples, berries, potatoes and peppers. It’s also readily available as a dietary supplement.

Vitamin C is important so your body can form:
Collagen, blood vessels, cartilage and muscle. This helps to maintain many body tissues, including your skin. It also aids with connective tissue repair and wound healing according to one study.
Neurotransmitters, the chemicals that are important for signaling in the nervous system.
Carnitine, a chemical that supports the transport and breakdown of fatty acids to generate energy.
Healthy bones and teeth, which are super important during your child’s formative years.
But one of best known functions, of course, is its role in supporting the body’s immune system. “Because vitamin C is an antioxidant and vital to maintaining overall health, it actually can help boost your little one’s immune system. Antioxidants help reduce damage to cells from free radicals in the body. Vitamin C is also highly concentrated in immune cells, which suggests that it’s an immune-boosting agent.

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