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Avon Ultra Volume/Legendary Lengths Mascara 10 g

  • ₱349.00

NEW Avon Ultra Volume Mascara amplifies lashes to give you a louder than life, booming bold look. Pump up your lashes from minimal to MAXIMUM volume. It is waterproof for life-proof wear.

Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara has an HDFX formula that contains a blend of lash lengthening polymers that glide onto lashes to lengthen and separate each lash in an instant. It has intensely pigmented shade that create ultra-dark lashes and provide dramatic length for a high impact lash look.
The Tapered Definer Brush reaches every lash, even the hard to reach bottom and corner lashes. Does not smudge, clump or even flake. Lasts all day. Can stand up to heat & humidity.