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NUTRI 10 Supplements

  • ₱260.00

NUTRI 10 Supplements Excel
Helps to:
Obtain optimal brain function
Prevent iron deficiency anemia
Boost immune system 
Maintain good appetite.
Enhance normal body function
NUTRI 10 Supplements OB
Reduce pregnancy stress
Prevent iron deficiency anemia
Increase energy supply or energy
Prevent birth defects
Improve immune system.
Nutri 10 Plus is rich in Taurine, the vitamin that stimulates cell generation responsible to enhance brain development needed in increasing intellect and memory.
Packed with the essential vitamins and minerals for your Childs brain development and protection against common diseases.
Nutri10Plus is a multivitamin composed of CGF, Taurine, Lysine, and Zinc.
With Ascorbic Acid for better nutrients absorption.
Plus Vitamins A,D,E and B Complex.

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